June 14 Contemporary Line Dancing workshop with Bethany Formica at the J. Richard Martin Community Center, Biddeford

June 26 Moving with the Artifacts for our Living - a workshop with Shavon Norris - Samudra Studio 1-3pm

July 5 Release & Holding/Living & Loss with Shavon Norris and Alex Torra; Subcircle Residency 6-8pm

July 17  Subcircle performance at The Temple in Ocean Park; 7pm

August 1 Video Installation and performance by John Jarboe, Rose: You Are Who You Eat, an exploration of Jarboe’s gender journey through the lens of cannibalism, Subcircle Residency 7pm

August 13 A showing of Annie Wilson’s Always the Hour (work in progress) at Subcircle Residency, 7pm

August 19 Almanac Dance Circus Theatre/Ben Grinberg and Darren Rabinowitz performs The Grind, at Engine Art Walk/Fringe Fest downtown Biddeford

August 28 Subcircle’s Annual Barnraiser featuring Martha Graham Cracker, Alex Bechtel and performance by Subcircle at Magnus on Water patio 7pm

September 7 Artist showing: A quilt of pieces, ideas, by Amalia Colón-Nava, Kayin, Jaz Dobson, Maddie Hopfield, Caitlin Green, and Chloe Marie at Subcircle Residency

September 24 A showing with singer/songwriter Margot Bassett Silver (Minneapolis) at Subcircle Residency
July 8, 2021  Ninth Planet showing  of High Noon at Subcircle Residency

August 5, 2021  Plant one on me Exhibition at Engine - artists Jean Brennan and Rachel Zollinger

August 29, 2021  Subcircle Residency Barnraiser at Magnus on Water with live performance and films by Subcircle
July 1-10, 2020  devynn emory residency - read about devynn's work deadbird created at subcircle residency in NY Times

July 13-22, 2020  Mel Krodman and Jaime Maseda residency

July 26, 2020    Subcircle Virtual Barnraiser featuring Martha Graham Cracker and Alex Bechtel
July 7, 2019  Laura Peterson (NY) showing at Subcircle Residency

July 18, 2019  Beau Hancock with Ellie Goudie-Averill and Tori Lawrence showing at Subcircle Residency

July 26, 2019  Subcircle Residency opening celebration with performances by Martha Graham Cracker and Subcircle artists
Subcircle Barnraiser at Engine and the Marble Block featuring performances by Subcircle artists and Martha Stuckey