ADA why is she how i am

ADA explores the relationship between the rapid advancement of today’s society and the inward nature of humanity. Finding the conflict between ancient tradition and values versus the constant pursuit of progress in modern civilization. Composer Toby Twining who makes vocal pieces using overtone techniques, was commissioned to create the score along with Jorge who worked with computer treated sounds.  Prior to the performance, the audience entered an installation with dissected office parts suspended from the ceiling. The set consisted of moving curtains and a stage that transformed throughout the piece, going from 16′ by 12′ to 20′ by 12′ and finally to 20′ by 24′. The use of film and video enhanced the work using two mediums – 16mm film and digital video.

Choreographed by Niki Cousineau
Performed by Darla Stanley and Niki Cousineau
Music by Jorge Cousineau and Toby Twining
Film and video by Katharine Livingson
Set by Jorge Cousineau
Costumes by Heidi Barr
Performed at The Performance Garage, Philadelphia