Just Between Me

Just Between Me was created in collaboration with the Germany based company, Zen in the Basement while subcircle was in residence in Berlin/Potsdam for the months of August and October 2000. Just Between Me is a commentary on the ever-fraying parts of the human being, which continue to separate from each other in challenging times. The main character of the story is played by three dancers who portray the conflicting parts of one woman. Each performer embodies an aspect of time. Past, present and future impulses erupt, gaining momentum they succeed to overpower this woman. Confined within a box, the three performers are limited in this physical boundary. Just Between Me addresses the common human problem of being unable to live in the now. The piece premiered in Potsdam, Germany in November 2000 at the Fabrik. It was later performed at the Arts Bank in Philadelphia, Dock 11 (Berlin) and Projekttheater (Dresden).

Choreographed and performed by Niki Cousineau. Esther Cowens, Jennifer Mann
Music and lighting design: Jorge Cousineau