Banking Hours

Using both floors of a former bank building on 2nd and Girard Avenue in Philadelphia, we transformed the first floor into a bank, simulating the task of waiting in the corral and going to the teller “windows”.  The actors or tellers directly interacted with the audience members by leading them through the routine of a bank visit.  Through this process the audience was divided into four sections and was asked to proceed to waiting areas for further instructions.  They were then led upstairs to the seating area where they remained divided in their assigned sections to watch the performance.

Music and visual design:  Jorge Cousineau
Text:  Jeffrey Carpenter
Dancers: Niki Cousineau, Brenda Kunda, Christy Lee, Gin MacCallum
Actors: Mauri Walton, Paul Struck, Dito van Reigersberg
Site-specific work performed at Iberian Pavilions, Philadelphia