Forget me ... forget me not

A performance installation in the corridors and unseen rooms of shiloh baptist church. Audiences were invited into a place of forgotten stories and lost objects.

Directed by Niki and Jorge Cousineau
Created and performed by Niki Cousineau, Christy Lee, Scott McPheeters, Paul Struck
Sound design by Jorge Cousineau and Rosie Langabeer
Length of work: 60 minutes
Site specific work performed at Shiloh Baptist Church as part of COMMOTION FESTIVAL

A short film extending the subcircle performance piece with the same name created for the 2012 Commotion Festival in Philadelphia. Performed and installed in June in the historic buildings of Shiloh Baptist Church, we added more footage in July while in Maine, where this film premiered at ENGINE, Biddeford. Filmed and edited by Jorge Cousineau. Featured in the piece are Niki Cousineau, Christy Lee, Scott McPheeters, Paul Struck and Rosie Langabeer. The music is Billie Holiday's "I'll Be Seeing You" with additional music and sounds by Rosie Langabeer and Jorge Cousineau.