frequently asked questions

How are artists selected? Can I apply?  Is there an open selection process?
Currently, there is no open selection process. We are a small operation and rely on past artists in residence to nominate future artists in residence. That said, please contact us at and we will  add you to our list of interested artists and will include you in our invitation to apply.

What types of artists are eligible?
We prioritize hosting performance-based artists (dance/theater/interdisciplinary performance).

Are multiple artists in residence at the same time? No. Each residency is project specific. The number of artists present during each residency is dependent on the number of collaborators the artist awarded the residency wants to bring.

What are the different types of residencies we offer? We offer fully funded residencies, parent/family residencies, subsidized residencies and paid residencies. Please view our RESIDENCY home page for more information and rates.

How long is a typical residency? Residencies are from 1-2 weeks in length. Lengths can differ slightly depending on the type of residency awarded.

Is there a public presentation expected as part of the residency? We only require artists awarded free, 10-day residencies to engage with the public during their residency. This engagement can be in the form of a workshop, presentation, artists talk, or any other engagement approved by the residency directors.

Are artists expected to cover travel expenses? Yes, we do not cover travel. Artists are also encouraged to have their own transportation while in residence.

Is food provided? We provide kitchen staples – spices, tea, pasta, rice and a few food/beverage items to get you going.

Are family or pets allowed? You are welcome to bring family with you. Pets are not allowed.

How many people can the residency accommodate? We suggest 4-5 people depending on if folks are willing to share rooms. The house has 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The house includes 2 queen beds, 1 full and 1 twin bed.

What can artists/families do in the area when not working? Subcircle is located a seven minute drive from the beach. We are close to many beautiful parks with hiking trails, amusement parks, and 25 minutes to Portland for boat rides, museums, shopping and restaurants.

Is your facility accessible to people with mobility restrictions? Unfortunately at this time our home isn’t accessible to those with mobility restrictions. There are four steps into the house and an additional stone steps to get to the house. The barn studio is also located up a staircase.

What kind of equipment is available to me? The studio has a sound system in it that can connect with your phone or computer. Subcircle has other equipment available upon request including projectors, microphones, amplifiers.

Is there laundry onsite? Yes, we have a washer and dryer in the farmhouse along with detergent.

Closest airports? Subcircle is located 30 minutes south of the Portland Airport, and an hour and a half from Logan Airport (Boston) or Manchester airport (NH). There are also shuttle buses to Logan and Manchester Airport on Concord Coach lines and C & J Bus Lines.

Is there staff on-site?
The Subcircle Co-Directors live within 10 minutes of the residency. Someone will be there to give you an orientation upon your arrival and generally available as needed.